debdutto banerjee
debdutto banerjee

A little about Debdutto

Creating compelling and visually pleasing images is what Debdutto Banerjee’s philosophy of creating great images are. Capturing memory into palpable vision form.

In the years that Debdutto has been involved in photography, he has learnt to appreciate the small things that make up the wonderful world we live in. Through his lens he capture’s special moments with true emotions and translate them into art.

Debdutto is a self taught travel and landscape photographer. In fact he loves to shoot whatever grab’s his heart and mind’s eye. He has been using a Canon body, along with some third party lenses.

He teach workshops on one to one basis or group wise. He also like’s to collaborate with Non-Governmental Organizations or Non Profit Organizations and work with them.

He is quite regular on all the social networking platforms. You can connect with him on any of the social networking sites, share you views and also contact him quickly. The links are as follows:

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Debdutto Banerjee
Phone No. – 9836021132
Address – 18c, Ananda Palit Road,